Shadow Pursuit


The SoCo Athletics Shadow Pursuit is a team twilight Adventure Race that tests the physical, mental, and cooperative limits of its participants and their teams. Teams of 4 cover a route of challenge-based checkpoints and complete a variety of tasks under the veil of darkness, in pursuit of the fastest time.


Teams will be made up of 4 athletes. Teams can be all male, all female, or co-ed • Each team member is required to carry a pack throughout the pursuit • Participants can utilize any variation of two shoulder strap backpack for pursuit. Rucksacks are not required • Each team member must carry additional loading in their pack ranging from 10-30 pounds • Loading cannot be the result of water or filled hydration packs- it must be solid weight • Every participant’s pack will be weighed and checked for accuracy before start of pursuit


Pursuit will require teams to complete between 4 and 6 tasks on a route totaling 4-5 miles • All distances will be traveled on foot by all 4 team members • Teams start and end in the same location, but will follow varying routes throughout pursuit • All 4 team members must be present together at each checkpoint in order to begin task • Teams will prove completion of tasks by acquiring mementos at checkpoints • Teams will have to turn in all mementos, in the correct order for their route, to finish • In the event of lost mementos, the team will have to follow the route back to checkpoint to revalidate • The team that completes the pursuit fastest, with the correct order of checkpoints, wins


To protect the safety of all teams, each team is required to: Wear working headlamps throughout pursuit • Wear reflective belt or vest throughout pursuit • Carry a total of at least 32 ounces of water for the team • Carry 2 working mobile phones


grab your team of four and Join us for the Shadow Pursuit: