Whether you are looking to start your fitness journey, chase down a new goal, or elevate your abilities to elite levels, our Programs are proven to get you there. From 60 minute classes focused on all aspects of Functional Fitness to 30 minute classes for quick sweats, we have what you need.





Ignite classes are our quick HIIT style fitness. Classes are fun, fast-paced 30 minute workouts utilizing bodyweight movements, cardio elements, and light loads to provide a high-energy workout packed in a short time frame!

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Our Endurance programs cover training for a range of goals- from first triathlons or 5k’s to ultra events like Ironman. Our athletes are constantly flying across finish lines they never thought possible. Your race is waiting!



CrossFit classes are 60-minute high-intensity group workouts. WODs include functional movements--power / olympic lifts, gymnastics, cardio, and core work--in combinations that vary daily in demand and duration.

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Yoga classes are 60 minute practices focus on increased flexibility, core strength development, and overall recovery. Come in tight and tired, leave limber and stress free.



Student Semester Pass


Includes Unlimited Access to CrossFit or Ignite

Program for the Spring 2019 Semester.

*Enroll before 1/15/19

Monthly Memberships 



Unlimited Access to all

Programs and class times




Unlimited Access to all

Ignite class times




Unlimited Access to all

CrossFit class times


New Athlete Package


3-Month start strong program:

1 month Ignite + 2 months CrossFit

*Discounts are available for long-term packages, paid-in-full memberships, and couples/families. Contact us for more info!

Free Trials

Not ready just yet? Try one of our programs for free:



Try any of our Ignite classes on the house, No previous experience necessary


Previous experience is required for CrossFit classes. Contact us to schedule your trial:


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